Machines do dream

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made in the Golden Age Of Ai


"These are truly intriguing works, presenting to the viewer a kind of fantastical wilderness composed of colour and shape." 

Adriaan Van Der Plas - Director at Van Der Plas Gallery, New York

"The interest in Synthetic Aesthetic's work at the exhibition was overwhelming. We really hope to work together again in the future. "

Constantin - Director of Boomer Gallery, Whitechapel - London

“When it comes to making art with AI, Synthetic Aesthetic is the best.”

Hazel Lee - Founder of Digital Design Platform - Juice

“Synthetic Aesthetic's artwork has a fascinating symmetry and dreamlike quality. ”

Carolyn Edlund - Founder of Digital Arts Hub - Artsy Shark

 “Synthetic Aesthetic’s artwork has received absolutely fantastic feedback.”

Warren Pearson - Director at The Artist Lounge Gallery

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