Bridie Hinton

I moved back to Ireland recently, having lived, worked and studied for over 20 years in London, Paris, Vienna and Boston.

I hope to live a more simple life and connect deeply with what I love. I have always been very arty and at the same time loved mathematics. My background in mathematical modelling and AI has given me the opportunity to bring art and machine learning together.

The branch of AI used in my art has only been viable very recently. Now it is feasible to create palettes of thousands of digital images and blend and re-blend them. What is achieved is often quite stunning, very original and thought provoking.

At the start of 2021 I finally finished my small art studio and I now have an environment that is creative and inspiring to my art. When I work I feel I am connecting with a part me I hardly knew, that is now awakening.

I am lucky enough to live in Connemara, on the west coast of Ireland. It is about as far west you can be and still be in Europe. It's culture, people and landscape are very special.



I can see mountains across the bay from my home. In Gaelic they are called Na Beanna Beolathe - but they are better known as the 12 Bens or Pins.

The Atlantic weather changes what I see of them every day and I never get bored of the view.

Ireland is said to have some of the most interesting geology in the world. These peaks have deposits of quartzite formed over 500 million years ago. They often sparkle in the sun.

This print is a small tribute to one of them called Diamond Hill. People who know the Bens well tell me it looks nothing like it.

I admire honesty.

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