Public Exhibitions Since May 2021

The Van Der Plas gallery in New York has asked to exhibit my work. The gallery will be open to view for 10 days in May 2021. Although it's absolutely no substitute, a virtual experience of the exhibition will also be available.  

It's a great relief that galleries can start opening again as that's where so much of us depend on seeing great art to enrich our lives. I am of course delighted and honoured that Van Der Plas should provide such an opportunity for my work to be seen. 


I was equally thrilled that my artwork The Fall was selected for an exhibition in southern California's arts and cultural centre SCORE and is shortlisted by The Artist Lounge which is exhibiting at the end of May and into June. I also have work exhibiting online now at the Las Laguna Art Gallery and the Grey Cube Gallery until June 2021.

Finally, my Pilgrim and Migration  work will be part of the Boomer's Gallery's anniversary exhibition. This will be very much a physical event in London's Whitechapel for around 10 days from the 4th June.

Together with being featured in a number of art publications and digital magazines recently, I am impressed with how open and welcoming so many people have been to my work.   

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